Does Stress Give You Permission to Indulge?

Many bad habits are covered under the word stress. Stress can affect you. However, it should not be something that you use to negatively affect your life. What occurs when you handle stress is that you’ll form either good or bad habits.

Some people like experiencing stress since it gives them an excuse for whatever they’re doing that’s not that good for them. They might say to themselves that they had a hard day, or are simply overwhelmed with too much on their plates, so they’re going to need to have a glass (or several) of wine.

What you don’t understand that this can end up being a habit because it’s produced a rewarding path in the brain. You’ll develop a link between stress and wanting to do something you enjoy; however that can harm you in the end.

This is also how a stress addiction develops. You’ll start to long for the tension since you know what will be awaiting you as a way of soothing that tension. Some individuals utilize smoking as their tension reason.

Office workers who grumble about the stress they handle on the task usually say they require a smoke break. They do this because they desire to smoke, and stress is their approval slip.

When you’re feeling that frustration or stress and anxiety because of work, and you just desire to get to that cigarette, it’s become a crutch that you use. You probably already understand that cigarette smoking isn’t helpful for your health; however, using it as an excuse makes you feel better about this bad habit.

You may have developed this consent for yourself because you just had more work piled on you or your hours changed. Everything is more mentally demanding at work. Possibly your manager expects more from you.

Smoking really causes more stress and heightens the response in addition to the results of stress. When you smoke, it raises your blood pressure like tension does. Your heart rate will accelerate because of the cigarette.

Stress is used as an authorization to smoke a cigarette to feel better. These individuals feel better since nicotine responds in your body to help stimulate the release of feel-good chemicals.

So for a little while, you might feel fantastic. But that feeling will go away, and you’ll wind up feeling more stressed than ever, along with having harmed your health. Overindulging is another location where you may be giving yourself the authorization to indulge.

You’ll find that there are numerous jokes about eating and tension, like consuming a pint of ice cream whenever you’re stressed. Though it’s suggested as a joke, there’s a great deal of truth behind that.

Over-indulging in food is a typical method that people utilize the stress reason. They want to consume the things that aren’t helpful for them and might even crave those foods. There might or may not be an emotional connection, too.

This is a reaction that develops as a result of pushing aside the emotions that stress can cause. These stresses can be because of feelings like anxiety or depression. Still, they can also be because you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities, or you’re dealing with financial or relationship pressure.

When individuals utilize overeating as consent to indulge, the food of option is usually food high in fat, salt, or sugar. They’ll consume the food which allows them to feel better momentarily. This good feeling will enable them to wrongly believe that this indulgence helps them deal with stress.

You can wind up acquiring weight and sensation worse about yourself as your health worsens. A dangerous habit is an extravagance that some people use when they’re stressed.

These unsafe habits all fall into the categories of things that risk their lives. When individuals rely on dangerous practices, they get an adrenaline high that makes the tension disappear.

However, as soon as that adrenaline is gone, the tension returns. Some individuals will rely on drugs and believe that the stress they’re going through offers them consent to do this. They think they’re only looking for an outlet.

Since the drugs eliminate the tension momentarily, they think they have actually found the ideal response. Using drugs triggers the body’s nerve system to react. While it might feel like taking drugs eases tension, the act really increases the stress your body encounters.

Plus, since it deals with the brain’s reward system, taking drugs will quickly cause an addiction. The more tension you experience, the greater the craving for drugs will be.
Even sex can be used as permission to indulge due to tension.

Some people utilize this as an excuse to indulge because it does ease stress. Thanks to the boost of endorphins you get, it relaxes both the mind and the body. However, sex used to handle stress and anxiety or the frustration stemming from sex can likewise become a dependency.

You’ll wind up needing increasingly more of it to reach that high sensation that making love can offer you. This can lead to harmful behavior such as one night stands with complete strangers.

No quantity of sex can repair the emotional turmoil of stress, particularly when it’s finished with somebody you have feelings for. Driving too fast as a way to eliminate tension is another way that some individuals indulge.

This is because it heightens the emotions. They feel charged up and excited like they’re living on the edge. This action can make you feel like you’re invincible and have complete control.

However, driving too quickly implies that you’re ten times more likely to have a major car and truck mishap and hurt yourself or others. When you drive too fast, rather than increasing your driving skills, it can make you less alert and more likely to make a bad decision when you need to respond quickly on the roadway.

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