Can Stress Cause Digestive Issues?

You might see that whenever you’re stressed, you feel it in your stomach. Whatever tightens up, and you just get a sensation of dread, or it feels like you have knots. That action is a physical symptom of what’s going on mentally as a reaction to tension.

But not just can you get discomfort in your stomach, you can get digestion problems, too. That’s because the mind and the body are working in tandem with each other. There’s a detailed highway in between your brain and your digestion track.

Your digestion system includes neurons, and the information sent out can be affected by what you feel that’s caused by the tension. Whenever you’re upset, your brain is sending out the signals that there’s a problem.

Everything is tightening up, and your body is on high alert. Hormones are being launched in abundance, and you feel the results. The brain is sending out cautions to your digestive system, and it always responds.

So when you’re feeling the stress, your body gets these signals and can experience physical discomfort or other issues anywhere – but specifically in the gut. Studies have actually revealed that stress is a leading cause of receiving unfavorable responses from your digestive system.

There are various methods your gastrointestinal system will react. For example, tension can cause you to develop stomach cramps – the type of cramps that make you lose your hunger and believe you’re coming down with something.

You might have been great in the past; however, you began feeling distressed due to the stress factor, and the next thing you know, you’re clutching your stomach. Or you’ll start to feel puffed up and even nauseous.

Tension can cause inflammation in your intestinal system, too. You can develop issues with gas in your gastrointestinal system and experience discomfort from this. Every location of your digestion system can be impacted by tension because it can interfere with the typical procedure.

Your heart beats faster, your high blood pressure increases, and all of an unexpected, you have indigestion. You feel sick to your stomach. In some cases, if the tension is lengthened, it can lead to episodes of vomiting.

Often, tension can affect your digestive system to the point where it underperforms. When that happens, you can wind up with constipation. Other times, it might kick your digestive system into high equipment, and you develop diarrhea.

Or, you can swing between irregularity and diarrhea. That’s because tension can cause the system to decrease, or it can speed it up. Stress can cause stomach acid production to rev up, and you wind up with more than you need.

When you get this excess of stomach acid, it can result in ulcers. The gut germs in your digestive system can be impacted because of tension. When this gets out of balance, it can cause any conditions that you need to experience an increase in adverse effects.

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